Jason Bradley is an expert in digital photography emphasizing techniques in composition and light, digital workflow, image development, printing, and other modern image outlets showing you how to connect your photography to your community. He is the author of the book Creative Wrofkflow In Lightroom by Focal Press, and is a blogger and writer for Outdoor Photographer Magazine. Whether you shoot underwater or live only on land, look into joining one of our workshops to have fun, share ideas, and grow as a photographer.

If you have any questions regarding the details of a workshop, give Bradley Photographic a call at (818) 415-2767 or contact us directly.

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“If you are looking for someone to teach you about digital workflow and introduce you to the capabilities of Lightroom as a one-stop solution, then Jason Bradley is your man. He combines an understanding of digital photography with an appreciation for the natural world and an interest in passing on his knowledge in a way that makes him a teacher I’ll gladly recommend to anyone.”

—Frans Lanting, National Geographic Photographer

 “Jason is one of the best Lightroom workflow instructors I’ve met. If you have the opportunity to learn from him, you should definitely do it!”

—Bill Stotzner, Adobe Lightroom Development Team