Well, I’m writing a book.

I haven’t kept this a secret, but I also haven’t officially announced it either…

I’m excited, nervous, proud, afraid, numb, and totally happy to announce that I recently partnered with publisher Focal Press (www.focalpress.com) to produce a book on Lightroom and digital workflow.  Focal Press is a leader in producing books on media technology, and have been making them for a while.  Focal was established over 75 years ago, and in 2012 was acquired by the Taylor & Francis Group, extending the reach of Focal along more paths and to more markets.

The book is about half way done and will cover the basics of what Lightroom is, what raw files are and how to develop them, and then how to output them in one form or another.  The book will be out sometime this Fall, and a title will be announced soon.

Wish me luck with this very big project.  Each day I’m happy and sad I agreed to do it, but I know once it’s done I will be thrilled.


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