Met author Peter Krogh today….

Just had a good chat with Peter Krogh.  Peter is author of the DAM Book (Digital Asset Management).  Really, it’s my favorite book out there for understanding how to organize photos.  We are both working with Lanting to dial in his workflow.

He had a couple of interesting suggestions.  There are some concerns with Lightroom’s photo ingestion capabilities and it’s method for backing up files for photographers with critical workflows.  Not to knock LIghtroom, still my fav program out by far, but no program is perfect.  Additionally, this not to say LIghtroom’s method is wrong or bad, but arguable there are loopholes for corrupted files to creep through.  Thus far have had no such problems with Lightroom–knock on wood.

That said, and per Peter’s suggestion I plan on playing with Image Ingestion Pro and Chronosync to see what they offer.  Personally I hate adding extra programs to my arsenal, but it’s worth a look.  If there is anyone out there who has tried either of these, I’d love to hear from you.

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