Lots of activity at Piedras Blancas this weekend….

Here’s a shot of our group at the Piedras Blancas rookery yesterday. I was there three weeks ago and many fewer seals and pups were on the beach. Things certainly have changed and the beach is packed. The cast of shadowy characters are fellow diver and shooter Andy Wallace, Bill Stotzner and Winston Hendrickson from Adobe’s Digital Imaging team, and me. I’m the one on the left. Can you tell?? We had a great time and all walked away with good shots. I saw one of the biggest fights between bulls that I have ever seen on the beach. Pics to come……..

Anyway, I was a bit worried going to the rookery this weekend. The forecast called for rain on Saturday, but we lucked out. We ended up with a great morning. Friday sundown wasn’t so bad either, but the sky was overcast and there wasn’t a lot of light, so we found ourselves pumping up the ISO on our cameras to get the shots we wanted with the long lenses we were using–thanks to LensRentals.com for those. LensRentals.com is a great outfit and their gear was sent to us well packed, in great condition, and with return shipping labels ready to go, but I digress. I’m worried still, but for next weekend. The workshop is next weekend and it’s rain rain rain all week here in California. On the brighter side of things, the forecast does show clearing by workshop time. Could actually make for great skies and photography for the group!!


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