Just Back from God’s Pocket

God's Pocket group, 2015
God’s Pocket group, 2015

I recently returned from another great trip to God’s Pocket (godspocket.com)—one of my favorite places to visit and dive.  I admit, we had a couple obstacles this time around. We had a bit of weather, which didn’t effect our diving, and the Canadian Marine Transit Authority was an hurdle for a day, but the trip overall was great and we had lots of giant pacific octopus (GPO) in Browning Pass to play with. We had actually built two days into the trip to go to Dillon Rock, a spot notorious for GPO’s, but we had no need to make the trek out there because Browning Pass was so productive.  Everyone on the trip had GPO encounters.

Thanks to Jon McCormack, David Duchemin, Susan Brown, Brad Brown, Andy Wallace, Michelle Manson, Jaimie Schroter, John Jones, Andrew Toddhunter, James McDonald, Laura O’heir, and Bob Rhode for coming along. This was a great group.  And of course… Thanks to Bill and Annie at God’s Pocket for running such a great place.  Let the image processing begin!!

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