Jason Bradley Joining Expert Panel On Raw Processing At The Center for Photograhic Arts


Raw processing panel
Saturday, March 31, 2012, 9AM to 4PM
Sunset Center, Carmel, CA
Lunch is provided.
Fee: $140 for members, $195 for nonmembers.
Space is limited; reservations are accepted in the order received.

Visit: http://photography.org/workshops/raw_processing.php for more info or to sign up.

This panel will bring together:
Jason Bradley, Photographer and workshop instructor
Eric Chan, Adobe
Mike Collette, Better Light
Brian Griffith, Iridient Digital
Kate Jordahl, Professor of Photography and Digital Imaging at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills and co-coordinates the PhotoCentral Program in Hayward, California
Nick Wheeler, Photographer
Jim Kasson, Moderator

What tools are fundamentally different in a raw processor than in a traditional pixel editor such as Photoshop and why? At some point in the raw processing pipeline the image data has been demosaiced and interpolated and becomes a standard bitmapped file in the color space of the raw processor; at that point editing in Photoshop may be superior to editing in a raw processor. This point may occur differently in different raw processors. It’s important for the end user to know something about the way raw processors work in order to competently be able to edit the image.

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