iPad….not thrilled!

The iPad looks cool, but at first look I’m not thrilled.  And, as a field photographer, I don’t feel like it does much.  I honestly didn’t expect it to do much for my photography, but I was hoping I could dump AT&T–the world’s most irritating cell service.  That said, here are the limitations I noticed.  If you think this tool is the coolest thing since sliced bread, let me know why.  I want to like the iPad.  I just don’t.

  • Can’t run Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop, PhotoMechanic, Bridge, iPhoto, or any similar browsing or editing program
  • Runs on the iPhone OS
  • No multitasking.  You can only run one app at a time.
  • No Adobe Flash.  The iPad is a big media device, but Vimeo, Yahoo, Megavideo, Hulu, Fancast, and lots of other widely used video sites use flash.  Sorry, you can’t see ’em with the iPad.  But, if you pay, you can download shows from iTunes.
  • No compact flash adapter (there is an SD adapter)…but I’m sure that one will come
  • No fire wire 800, 400, or USB, although a USB adapter is available as part of the camera kit.
  • What will your current apps on your iPhone look like on the big iPad screen?  Probably too small.
  • Most importantly, NO Verizon.  I’m stuck with AT&T.

Additionally, I’m noticing people are saying it’s better than the Kindle, but isn’t one of the coolest things about the Kindle the anti reflective real-page-like feel?  iPad doesn’t have that.  I’m sure we are a generation away from color with the Kindle if that’s what you want.  Anyway, I don’t see a ton of value for the field photographer, and 64gb of storage (the max amount available), isn’t a lot if you are out in the field for more than a week taking LOTS of pics.

On the other hand, its big bright colorful screen is exactly what some want, along with portability, right now. And I’ve already read that others are predicting this is one more nail in the coffin for the print industry.  Why buy a photo book when you can download it to your portable device and always have it with you.  People are talking about the simulation of the Sports Illustrated interactive online magazine (click here to experience) as an alternative, or even as the way to replace the print version, but now that the iPad is here this does seem more feasible than when we were in the days of the Kindle.  Remember how long ago that was.  :  (  I wonder what nature magazines will look like in the future?  The future..future…future…….future…….echo………echo……..echo



  1. Brian DeLong January 28, 2010 at 6:52 pm #

    I agree with your overall assessment, but would add that Apple is shooting for the meat of the market with these—someone who doesn’t max out the functionality of a stock MacBook, but wants a larger screen for browsing photos, surfing the web and checking email. I’m not sure it’s a miss, but without Flash, USB and peripheral support, they definitely didn’t hit the bulls eye.

  2. Bradley Photographic January 28, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

    Apple share holders really should be thinking of MY needs. I just wish I could dump AT&T. I’m tempted with the droid, but………

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