Happy New Year and a view of the Chicago skyline courtesy of the D7000 at ISO 6400

So… I spent New Years Eve in Chicago this year and got a quick glimpse of the city skyline before going home and having an exciting night of going to bed before mid-night.  I know it’s boring, but being a new dad I’ll take sleep when I can get it.  I did wine it up the week before in Point Reyes with a buddy of mine.  That said, I’m impressed with the quality of this little D7000 prosumer camera so far.  I haven’t used it as much as I’d like, but it seems really great in low light.  This coupled with new stuff in Photoshop CS5 I was able to pull off this impressive pano-stitch.  Here’s why I say impressive…..

  • It was a stormy night, there was no moon to be had, and it was taken well after sundown, so it was very dark out.  considering the ambient light and that I had no tripod, I had to shoot at ISO 6400, but the noise (grain) was acceptable–impressive.
  • I hand held this 6 frame pano and stitched it flawlessly.  No special pano-head or nodal point consideration required, and I thank Photoshop and Adobe’s new technology for this–also impressive.
  • Handheld photography after a Blue Moon beer and a shot of Patron and Absolute–impressive.

So, here is the skyline pic and a couple of close up screen shots of the uncompressed file so you can see the noise and detail at ISO 6400.  I shot this with a Nikon 60mm, at F7.1, and at 1/60 sec.  Happy New Year, and may I recommend Gino’s East for Chicago deep dish?  Haven’t tried any another pizza places there yet…….

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