Frans Lanting Takes Jason Bradley's Lightroom Class

This has been a fun week for me. I’ve been lobbying National Geographic Photographer Frans Lanting for a couple years now to adopt Lightroom. Jason (that be me) loves his Lightroom. Whether or not Frans took my advice (chances are he sought council elsewhere cause he’s a smart dude), he has recently decided to take the Photoshop Lightroom plunge. Moreover, he signed up to take my digital workflow/Lightroom class. The first image here is Frans in front of Lightroom. I had to tell him to smile for the photo, but he’s having a fun time learning the program nonetheless. I have admired Frans’ work since long before I thought of becoming a photographer, so working with him in this capacity is rewarding.

That said, and with Frans being the nature photography success that he is, working with him on Lightroom and workflow means working with his staff as well. Thus the second image is Frans, me, Lucas Barth (the studio’s Photoshop Dude (unofficial title)), and Tony Fendler (the studio’s Digital Imaging Manager). I’ll be going back next week to work with the guys some more.

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