First Wildflower Trip….

Just got back from a cool trip with buddies Kevin McDonnell and Dan Auber shooting something out of the norm for me–wildlfowers. We spent most of our time between hiway 58 and 46 just East of Paso Robles, and the flowers were f****n incredible!  I wish I took more pics, but this was also a trip to just get away and I think we hit the wine as much as the shutter–Paso has good wineries by the way. Try and  I wish I had time to process more.  I have some pano’s I want to stitch together along with others I think are worth showing. Please keep you expectations low as I soon post them, I’m not used to flower photography.  Anyway, here are a couple samples.  I am off again to Santa Cruz for a round of workshops with NatGeo photographer Frans Lanting this evening.

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  1. Anonymous April 8, 2010 at 11:16 pm #

    Great times my friend! Looks like you had an epic trip! Hope to see you again for mexi food and wine on our next adventures!

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