Elephant Seal Workshop Images……..

As mentioned in the last posting. We had great conditions at the workshop last weekend. Here are some images courtesy of workshop participants. We’ll have some video soon….

A SPECIAL  thanks to LensRentals.com for their support with gear.  These images would not be possible without them!

Image 1: Michelle Manson

Image 2, 6, 8, 9 & 10: Ashley Stroud

Image 3, 4 & 7: Jim Rakowski

Image 5 & 11: Charlie Ricker

Image 12: Judy Jessen 


  • Anonymous

    Great images! Looks like the weather was perfect. Where was the workshop?

  • Bradley Photographic

    Hey Tony, Workshop is at the elephant seal rookery near San Simeon. It’s just North of Hearst Castle in Cali.