Channel Islands Check…Now Geared Up For BLUE…….

I’m back from a great trip in the Channel Islands. Admittedly the diving wasn’t stellar, but we had a great group and made the best of it.  Everyone had a great time–me included. One of our challenges was our continually getting kicked out of the places we wanted to dive at San Clemente Island. It’s a naval weapons station and they are not very good at updating their site or putting out bulletins, so one morning as we were anchoring, actually our first morning of the trip, the Coast Guard came rushing up to us guns-a-blazzin. We were restricted to parts of the island we didn’t want to really dive. Either way, a great time!!

Now that I’m home, I’m jumping right in to working with the BLUE Ocean Film Festival this week. It seems like a very exciting event and runs a full week of screenings, seminars, outdoor workshops, and was kicked off by Bruckner Chase Swimming across Monterey Bay–over 25 miles. And, I guess it wasn’t too easy considering the jelly blooms we are having.  More to come…..



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