About 13 years ago I left my day job to pursue photography full time, and have been grateful every day that I did. My business has seen highs and lows over the years, but I’ve always felt grateful to be doing what I do. I love my business and all the time I spend outdoors, … Continue reading A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Lightroom CC vs. Lightroom Classic CC: And the demise of the perpetual licence

Yesterday at Adobe Max in Las Vegas, Adobe announced the newest version of Lightroom.  Let me restate that… they announced the newest versions, that’s plural.  As of yesterday you have the option of getting either Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom CC.  Over all, I feel quite positive about the announcement of Lightroom’s new versions and … Continue reading Lightroom CC vs. Lightroom Classic CC: And the demise of the perpetual licence

The Big Toothy Scary Stealthy Apex Predator

It’s here folks … Shark Week! Love ‘em or hate ‘em — the shows that air on cable, that is — Shark Week is at least a time of year where people are tuned into sharks just a bit more than usual. Even though some say (I’m certainly one of these who say it) that … Continue reading The Big Toothy Scary Stealthy Apex Predator

Article On Joshua Tree, In Outdoor Photographer

I’m proud to announce my article in the annual National Parks issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine, on Joshua Tree National Park.  It’s titled Beautiful Oddities: Exploring the otherworldly landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park.  Do pick up a copy, and keep an eye out for the digital coming to OutdoorPhotographer.com soon.

Adobe Office in San Francisco: Public Event

I’ll be giving a free talk at the Adobe building in San Francisco a week from tomorrow, or January 31st. It’s a free discussion on the non-technical benefits of shooting RAW in the Lightroom Develop Module. Click below for the Meetup announcement. Click HERE for more details and directions. I’ll be giving a free talk … Continue reading Adobe Office in San Francisco: Public Event

Dolphins That Glow In The Dark

I just returned from our annual California Southern Channel Islands trip aboard the vessel Conception of Truth Aquatics boat charters.  The weather was less than cooperative, to be honest.  The swells along the outer islands were bigger than I would’ve liked, and we were not able to make it to my favorite, Santa Barbara Island.   … Continue reading Dolphins That Glow In The Dark

One (More) Reason To Use Adobe’s Creative Cloud

As a teacher of Adobe’s Lightroom program and digital workflow, I get to hear from a lot of photographers who are new to the program and digital photography. Surprisingly, one of the more common questions I get is, “Should I buy Lightroom’s perpetual license, or should I subscribe to Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud) and pay … Continue reading One (More) Reason To Use Adobe’s Creative Cloud


Hi Photographers, Here is part four and the final installment of my article series on Modern Printmaking for Outdoor Photographer Magazine. It might be my favorite of the bunch. Consider it a primer on choosing digital papers. Where does one start, ‘eh? Please check it out, and more “How To” articles are on the way. … Continue reading MODERN PRINTMAKING: PART 4

Nature Reaching Back

As a photographer I often find myself, with camera in hand, reaching into nature in hopes of finding something compelling, thought provoking, and beautiful. Sometimes I get lucky enough to find myself in a place where nature reaches back, and las Islas Revillagigedo is most definitely such a place. I recently had the privilege to … Continue reading Nature Reaching Back

Parts 2 & 3 of Printing With Modern Tools

Parts two and three of my four part article series on ‘Printing With Modern Tools’ in Outdoor Photographer Magazine is now available online. Please find the links below. Part four is in the May issue on newsstands now. Check ’em out! Part Two Part Three