Hi Photographers, Here is part four and the final installment of my article series on Modern Printmaking for Outdoor Photographer Magazine. It might be my favorite of the bunch. Consider it a primer on choosing digital papers. Where does one start, ‘eh? Please check it out, and more “How To” articles are on the way. … Continue reading MODERN PRINTMAKING: PART 4

Nature Reaching Back

A black manta quietly glides toward a reef and diver at the dive site Cabo Pearce, San Benedicto Island.

As a photographer I often find myself, with camera in hand, reaching into nature in hopes of finding something compelling, thought provoking, and beautiful. Sometimes I get lucky enough to find myself in a place where nature reaches back, and las Islas Revillagigedo is most definitely such a place. I recently had the privilege to … Continue reading Nature Reaching Back

Parts 2 & 3 of Printing With Modern Tools

Parts two and three of my four part article series on ‘Printing With Modern Tools’ in Outdoor Photographer Magazine is now available online. Please find the links below. Part four is in the May issue on newsstands now. Check ’em out! Part Two Part Three  

Technique by Accident Can Still Be Good Technique

Good wildlife photos are often about being in the right place at the right time.  But right place and time is nothing without knowing the right technique.  Or in my case, during a recent shoot in the Maasai Mara in Kenya, Africa, it’s about using the right technique, by accident.  As my safari guide, Twala, … Continue reading Technique by Accident Can Still Be Good Technique

Article Series On Printing, In Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Got Print?!?  I believe that making a print is still the most important phase of the photographer’s workflow.  Printing can greatly help the photographer grow as an artist. In the latest issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine (Jan/Feb issue), I have Part 1 of a 4 part series on Printing With Modern Tools.  To kick it … Continue reading Article Series On Printing, In Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Adobe Giveth, and Adobe Taketh Away…

Quite recently, Adobe gave us all Lightroom 6.2, which was an update that was, well, a not so welcome one. It was fraught with issues of crashing and bugs and many users and educators were shocked to see a total overhaul of the Import dialog’s user interface (UI). In fact, there were so many problems, … Continue reading Adobe Giveth, and Adobe Taketh Away…

Channel Islands: Oil Rigs, San Clemente, Kelp, Seal Lions, Sea Bass, and Prints, Prints Prints…

We are going again!  NOVEMBER 14TH TO THE 17TH 2015. This years Wetpixel Channel Islands trip will be co-lead by master cinematographer and fine art still photographer Chuck Davis.  The focus of this trip will be good diving, sharing images, thoughts on making beautiful prints on underwater photography, having a drink, and doing it again … Continue reading Channel Islands: Oil Rigs, San Clemente, Kelp, Seal Lions, Sea Bass, and Prints, Prints Prints…

A Look Inside Lightroom CC…

A Look Inside Lightroom CC, an article written by Jason Bradley on the TOP 5 new features in Lightroom CC for nature photographers in the September 2015 issue of  Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

Hi friends and photographers.  In addition to my recent post pointing to an article in Digital Photo magazine, I’m happy to report another in the current (September 2015) issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine.  I’m highlighting my TOP 5 new program features for nature photographers, plus pointing to a few extras.  But, I should mention this … Continue reading A Look Inside Lightroom CC…

Lightroom 6 for Landscapes in Digital Photo Magazine…

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.24.43 AM

Check out the July/August issue of Digital Photo Magazine. I have a feature article for Landscape shooters, focusing on the new HDR and Pano tools for Lightroom 6/CC. Follow the link for the online version. Happy shooting!!

Just Back from God’s Pocket

God's Pocket group, 2015

I recently returned from another great trip to God’s Pocket (—one of my favorite places to visit and dive.  I admit, we had a couple obstacles this time around. We had a bit of weather, which didn’t effect our diving, and the Canadian Marine Transit Authority was an hurdle for a day, but the trip … Continue reading Just Back from God’s Pocket