About 13 years ago I left my day job to pursue photography full time, and have been grateful every day that I did. My business has seen highs and lows over the years, but I’ve always felt grateful to be doing what I do. I love my business and all the time I spend outdoors, traveling as I do, living a creative life, and especially all the cool people (you) I’ve worked with and made friends with. That’s the best part.

So, feeling grateful moving into another exciting phase of what I do. In December I secured a commercial space in Pacific Grove (where I live on the Monterey Peninsula) that will be the new home of my print services business and my new fine-art gallery, and with the help of my friend, office manager, and wing-man Joe Platko, I’m officially moving my office in this week. Here is an image of the work in progress, but there is still much to do.

I suspect we’ll have our grand opening on June 23rd, but will keep you all posted as things progress. I have issues with OCD, so I’ll be fine-tuning everything over the next few weeks. Save the date for now.

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